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Our Mobile MBS and Private Speech Therapy Services

We conduct mobile video fluoroscopic swallow studies (VFSS) inside our portable clinic alongside certified healthcare professionals. We currently provide services in the Twin Cities metro area in Minnesota. Private speech therapy services also available virtually for adults with neurocognitive and swallowing impairments.

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About Our Speech Therapy Services 

Here at, Onsite Imaging and Speech Services, we conduct video swallow studies inside a portable clinic. This type of study is typically done in a hospital setting however many patients are unable to go due to health issues, medical complications, memory impairments, etc. We can book patients much sooner than most hospitals and we complete comprehensive documentation same day services are performed.

Skilled speech pathology services virtually to adults and geriatrics. Services primarily provided for voice, swallowing, cognitive linguistic, articulation and fluency impairments. A certified VitalStim provider, which uses electrical stimulation to innervate muscles for swallowing, and certified MBSImP clinician which is a standardized protocol for assessing swallow impairments on modified barium swallow studies, as well as kinesiology taping for swallowing deficits. Select in-person sessions available for patients seeking VitalStim supplementation to swallowing interventions.

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