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Bringing Modified Barium Swallow Studies to You

Here at, Onsite Imaging and Speech Services, we conduct video swallow studies alongside other health professionals inside a portable clinic.

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The Future of 

Video Swallow Studies

When you need mobile video swallow studies, work with the team at Onsite Imaging and Speech Services. We help individuals and other interested groups in Minnesota Greater Twin Cities Metro. For more information about us and what we do, contact us today or continue exploring our website.

How We Started

As our founder is working in skilled nursing facilities as a speech-language pathologist, she realized the need for instrumental swallow examinations is paramount. The accessibility of such a specialized service, as well as the comorbidities of the aging population, can become problematic in getting diagnostics completed.

She met a colleague that started his own mobile MBS company while working out of state. Returning to Minnesota and not having this mobile service available became evident as years went on treating in this setting. She reached out to her colleague and he has graciously assisted with his knowledgeable background as he still runs his own successful business.

About Our Mobile Services

Health Professionals 

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Living Facilities

Mobile Unit

Mission Statement

A mobile modified barium swallow study unit will comprehensively assess swallow function in a time-efficient manner. Instead of potentially lengthy transportation, wait times, and additional costs, we will create a better solution.

All are eliminated as the unit will be onsite and outside the facility where all testing and written documentation will be completed in real-time. A copy of the examination will be available on the same day of testing as well.

What We Do